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Artists' Statements
A Woman's Eye (AWE) Gallery features work of six San Francisco artists -- four photographers, one painter, and a poet. While each brings her unique vision to this body of work, nature themes predominate, reflecting a respect for the spirit of the earth and Mother Nature. The photographers offer images from our travels and abstract images, created both digitally and with in-camera techniques.

Kit Kennedy, Susan Black, Stacy Boorn, Chris Kibre, Janet Stock, Alice Steele photo credit: vanviva

Our mission is to be a venue for women's artistic expression. We believe women have a unique world-view and we want to create a place for women to show how they perceive the world. Our gallery provides access not only to our own work, but also to the creative vision of other women artists. AWE Gallery often holds events featuring artists and themes of interest and impact to women and the wider Bay Area community.
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